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Africa the Beginning

Africa is the beginning of the human aspect of our genesis. The root of the human aspect of the soul of ALL people is in ancient Africa.

It is from this source the essence of life flows to all of humanity. It is from this ONE understanding that truths CAN make sense to all people.

Once the words and actions of people neglect this common human beginning, they no longer speak to all of us.

From this basic reasoning Africa Speaks to all people.

Rasta (Wisdom) is not going to bend to suit people's ignorance; it is people who will have to make their alignment with our common gene pool to engage the essence. When people align themselves with "I" it is this truth they are also aligning with.

As the scales fall from the eyes the indomitable Spirit of Africa will never be subdued or vanquished. She is unconquerable and speaks mightily through her seed to all of us. Some of us are listening and paying great attention.

There is an ancient song that calls to those with ears to hear and strikes the inner chords of remembrance.

The time has indeed come to act from the Source of the Soul from which All emanates and see the fruits manifested in THIS lifetime - surely as the sun rises, surely as the sun sets.

Let it be so...

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