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JAH is in The Details


I am reminded that the face of JAH IS IN THE DETAILS, in all the various forms and styles of created beings.

With this in mind it becomes evident that we must recognize all the various points of reasoning, the MERIT, that each One brings to this Rasta table. It is essential for all to speak from WHO they ARE…from WHERE they are... and from WITHIN their own points of respective history. For it is these, the magnificent details of creative existence, that LEGITIMIZE each EXPERIENCE to speak truth from the belly of one's depth. Where the multifaceted jewels of God are revealed within the divine details of who we are.

To all those who have come before, and to them that stand now, who contribute in so many ways from all that they are... in every form of flesh... action... and deed... truly these are the embodiment of the Most High... often times unseen.

give thanks!

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