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Judeo - Christian Arrogance

I have seen all kinds of people try to take new ideas and interpretations, fit them into the Judeo-Christian Bible stories, and feel that they can now use the Bible differently, that they have somehow validated the bible with some higher truth.

But there is a simple test. A pendulum does not swing from one extreme and drop dead center (balance). People were conditioned in an extreme way with the Christian bible together with enshrined poor characteristics of the slave masters who passed it on to them. The two have become a package. As hard as people try, they cannot break the two apart while holding tight to the Bible. It is just not possible.

They will have to be courageous enough to allow their selves (the pendulum) to swing freely away from the Bible, to the other side, that they were debarred from (Black African History and Culture). If they can do that honestly they will discover the balance within themselves and not books.

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