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Journey to Rasta

A deep reflection of the Soul this day, and life is good, sweet, and profound in its Divine mystery. The veil lifts sleeping eyes to reveal her sacred treasure to one's who seek in honesty and truth... sincerely, clearly, to know the essence and meaning of life. For this is a keyhole that unlocks a door that stands at the precipice of ourselves; an offering of a way to walk through, and stand firm, in the knowledge of who we are within our collective Universal Divinity.
Just what each of our journeys reveals and contributes is essential to building the greater foundation of the Whole... created part and particle we each bring completion to it from the very essence and nature of our beautiful unique Selves.

Each of our experiences lend insight, perspective, and value toward helping us put things into some proper form of perspective... our race, our culture, our gender, our essence, all play pivotal roles in determining value... yes value... for who we are, and where we come from have great meaning, purpose, and value to serve something higher and greater than ourselves... yet we must first come with ourselves... from ourselves, through ourselves, respecting ourselves... to see our True Essential Self, united as a Whole.

A journey to Rasta has opened a powerful door to give many this profound Spiritual insight... allowing all to come with who they are... as they are... where they are... and Reason... and Reason High about all issues under the sun... listening... learning... growing from all shared experiences... Pruning... shaking the very false foundations from which we walk under, to OVER, and STAND deeper in awareness from all our uniquely different and diverse perspectives and paths. Holy children of the Most High... let us not fear to hold ourselves up High to the Light and see who we truly are.

This is my journey into Rasta... a journey into the Self... a journey that exposes my truth... a journey that waters my Spiritual Root... a journey that helps me to overstand my culture and how it relates to all other cultures. A journey to how I can be more effective in the fullness of my feminine woman... valuable as who I am created to be in all of this, THIS DAY because my Father's Hand doth create I to stand firm in the fullness OF Him... reflect Him. Lover and giver of Him... through Him. Rasta is the process to revealing His Truth in ALL things Created both under and over the magnificence of the sun!

fireball love

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