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Marijuana can help people gain some insights through getting a different perspective on things, but people can get new insights through engaging numerous more beneficial activities. People can also gain insights through the use of more harmful drugs.

If people are unable to sustain their high from within, then they cannot develop increasingly higher states of awareness. They will continually have these drastic awareness shifts between highs and lows.

I do not smoke Marijuana/herb or use any other kind of drug to get high. There are many like myself who can develop a natural high from within and can increase their awareness and sustain a high without Marijuana/herbs or drugs.

There are complications with the use of Marijuana and different drugs used to get high when attempting to attain higher states of consciousness.

Those who are consciously developing soon quit all these stimulants after suffering from over-sensitivity caused by an increase in brain activity to which they have not yet adjusted.

The natural high people should go after is the one generated through increasing self-awareness towards attaining the highest possible state of consciousness.

Former Herb Smoker

Well I stopped smoking ganja cold about 4 months ago after smoking quite steadily for over 30 Years! And pretty much daily for the past 10 or so.

I would feel cloudiness and stress build up in me from job, etc. and then when I took that first draw... I would receive clarity and energy. I would rush to write something, read something, do the dishes, put on music and dance... but therein lay the problem. I would feel aaaahhhhh I have found my focus, but then almost immediately my mind would go in 58 different directions. Either that, or I would be writing something and get lost on some interesting side-road of thought that would lead me to a dead end. Oh well, I would say, I'm a poet, and I can't write long things like essays and such... I found it a real challenge to finish things I started...just my artistic temperament, I'd tell myself... CHA!

I have to say that now I feel high and lifted all the time, and it was not till I stopped smoking that I could understand how it had slowed down my development. I can now sustain my focus for long periods of time, and I am writing things I never thought I was capable of. And my writing itself has changed radically, a whole new level of clarity. In fact, I have a whole new level of mindfulness in everything I do, from caring for my physical environment, to speaking, I remember much better what I read, and all in all I feel much more AVAILABLE to myself. My dreams even. I remember my dreams now. No more clouds. And I find myself naturally meditating a lot, able to empty my mind and feel my heart beating in the silence... sweet.

I think it is also important to remember that medically speaking THC in high doses is an anaesthetic. It is much better to honestly engage whatever the problem is than to self-medicate, even if ganja is a relatively safe pain-killer.

My ganja was wrapped up with my Rasta rebel-girl persona. It is a relief to smash all the forms and idols and walk this trod as just my self. I don't need a sacrament to connect me to JAH because I am experiencing the lived reality of JAH within all the time. I still hang out with friends who smoke, but I don't have to smoke to be cool to them, and in fact they comment on the good changes they see in me. We think ganja is this big important thing but I can say for sure it is not.

The ways which it blocks and slows down personal development are subtle but you can see a huge difference once you stop. I smoked for 30 years, as I said, and now that I am clear I can see the good reasons for everything. But as far as I think ganja may have gotten me, I see now that I am growing by leaps and bounds without it.

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