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There was and is a deliberate exercise to dehumanize Black people, and until all people can come to fully understand the effect this has on them, they will not 'OVERSTAND' many things. It is not enough to simply accept the genetic data that shows our human beginnings. Reading the histories allows people to see the step-by-step formation of attitudes and how they became infused in all aspects of our relationships.
The drama that is played out in Black and White on this physical earth also affects what some call Brown and Yellow people. They all are part of this so-called modern development that has at its root European capitalism, which was built on racism and gender prejudices. Today any country that places economic 'success' as its primary objective is automatically buying into these prejudices.

Even in China, many people are covering their skins hoping to make themselves appear lighter. They have bought into the symbol of success as being annexed to white skin.

This is changing in some circles in the US and Europe because of the hip-hop and Rap sub-culture that makes Black a cool thing. But this change is simply a fad and poses other forms of Black stereotyping. It does not reach the root of the neurosis. The root is people's ignorance of history about how attitudes developed. The root is in the history of all these regions which developed out of Black ideas and culture.

At the root of Asian culture are early Black leaders who transmitted wisdom from which the best of their culture sprang. Today many of these people have refashioned their earlier symbols to fit the more favored fair-skinned model.

Not coming to grips with the effect of this great mental illness leaves many only able to pay token recognition to great bodies of ideas. Many who are now grasping higher truths are doing so while unconsciously struggling to dismiss the association with the messenger. They want the truth while wishing that the messenger could have a light-skinned body.

This Black and White issue is not simply a battle across racial lines today. It is a neurosis that has to be treated through proper education.

Why do you believe many of the truths you understand are not in the mainstream schools in both Black and White societies? It is the unconscious veil of denial and increasingly subtle levels of racism and colorism that continue. It became politically incorrect to be openly racist, so over time people found ways to maintain the same behaviour while speaking differently.

In most people's minds the movement away from Black was seen as progressive, and many families deliberately paled-out their generation. Many parents easily accepted light-skinned husbands for their daughters when that opportunity arose, instead of Black males who had more ambition and better qualities, the point being that skin colour held weight over ability.

This situation remains much the same. It is the same even for the few who have made mental shifts in relation to color issues. Many are still more comfortable seeing males in positions of leadership than women. These are Black and White, Male and Female vestiges of a colonial past. Modern schools can address this by incorporating the best of the values developed during our earlier human experiences.

These are all illusions that must be confronted by Blacks, Whites and all in-between if they want to trod the road to higher consciousness.

Ordinarily, people are quite free to associate as they choose, so people must not assume that what I am saying is about Black people dismissing Whites or anyone else. But if we are dealing with the issue of higher conscious development, then confronting deeply embedded falsehoods is a must.

We are speaking about a pervasive worldview that placed White at the helm of social success and Blacks at the bottom. We are talking about a process that must be mentally reversed if people are to get a better bearing on themselves.

It does not matter what race people are. Their modern western values or lack thereof are shaped on the false race premise that affects all people.

There are a few Blacks and Whites who have transcended these unconscious inferiority and superiority complexes, and these are the real teachers of higher development.

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