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Racism, Colorism and the Net

by Ayinde
October 15, 2003

Many white/fair-skinned ones are unaware of how they use their privileged antisocial 'confidence' based on Racism and Colorism to undermine the legitimate voices of Dark-skinned kinky-hair Black-Africans.

They want to be the most dominant ones even in Black communities and they try to tear down any Black voice that does not tolerate their insolence. Often they wrap themselves in the words and symbols of Africaness, and use it against the very people it was meant to uplift.

They do not respect the rights of the Dark-skinned-kinky-hair-Black-Africans. Colorism and Racism are rampant, and is played out under many guises over the Internet. It is even ugly to see privileged ones try to claim that their experiences of abuses are equal or sometimes worse than those of people who suffer under a system that oppresses them the most. As I said, most often this is unconscious conduct that is generally tolerated.

But what happens if you see that conduct trying to undermine and dominate one who has the experience and information to bring many of Africa's concerns to the table? Well it is only fitting that right-thinking people defend that person. Why should we, the blacker ones, cooperate with others who do not share our experiences to help them undermine one who has the experiences and can articulate them?

On the other hand there are some who DELIBERATELY plot to undermine legitimate Black concerns, forever craving the most attention based on their still-existing superiority complex. They often cannot see that their very conduct betrays all that they say. Envy turns to hate, as they cannot fathom that someone other than them can command legitimate attention. They cannot stand that they may have to serve under a Blacker one. Their preconceived notions of leadership and personality, of worth, have been shattered.

How can people claim to fight for African freedom, and when an African claims such freedom to express, they want this African to speak and act according to their dictates? They do not see that they are not supporting freedom, but rather promoting their own superiority over everyone else.

How often do we see that the confidence and authority of a blacker one is called arrogance, as if confidence is the domain of the 'specially chosen light-skinned ones'?

If someone is acting with legitimate urgency, legitimate confidence (based on being informed and experienced in the areas they cover), and with legitimate authority to do what he or she has to do, such conduct cannot be arrogance. This is in fact CONFIDENCE.

However, when people act without legitimate authority, are not well informed and experienced in the subjects they take on, and are persistent in such delusions, their conduct is often ARROGANCE. It is this arrogance that keeps most groups functioning on the cosmetic level. Substance is usually buried, as those vying for the most attention and leadership cannot easily grasp it.

Real humility allows the experienced ones to HELP inform us, and in gratitude we should COMPENSATE them for their time and efforts. Arrogance leads many to ridicule and subjugate more experienced ones.

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