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Our Responsibility to Change

When ones come to terms with the poor conduct of the materially wealthy over the materially poor, then all should check to see how they have contributed to this. For the materially wealthy do not get to sustain their abuses without the resources, indifferences, naivety, and in general, the ignorance of many. Taking responsibility also entails living in a way that offers redress to victims.
In many ways even the people who want change contribute to the sufferings of others. Proper action in relation to discerning needs from wants helps lessen the finances that support the affluent (effluent might also be appropriate here) who fuel the sufferings of others.

What can one do?

Many things but I will address primary ones:

People can vote in a manner that allows more enlightened leadership. People can challenge prospective leaders on these fundamental issues. (We know many will only pay lip service) By challenging politicians, instead of allowing them to distract, many more people will have an opportunity to wake up to these concerns. People can share information and ideas, and contribute to sustaining and expanding the reaches of these mediums of enlightenment. Most of all, those who are aware must ensure that they set a better example.

People who are aware have to do more to ensure that resources come to the table to spread the ideas of a better way, so that others may get the opportunity to realize their free will once again. Then they can choose.

When these things are well appreciated then there are many other possibilities for speeding up the process.

Yes indeed, People do reap what they sow.

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