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White Rastafarians

"all i learned from the beginning, that all man are created equal. It is not the hearbeat that makes you, it is your actions."
Here is something to look at and reflect upon... as you may believe, and even wish for the IDEAL... but if you are really willing to look... what in fact do you see?... What in fact is the REALITY of such a statement??
Here-in lies a great disparity between thoughts and experiences.

It has been duly noted that many whites do in fact come to Rasta through reggae music... as for obvious reasons they cannot come to it through "experiencing" the black struggle.

Music... much like art, has a very significant way of communicating its message... as they both speak universally and are able to traverse freely through other forms of barriers that would typically keep people from understanding or knowing different concepts through lack of experience... so it does, and will avail the message even so... as it will touch you and grab you in many profound ways in spite of yourself... thanks be!... smile

And it is because of this... I have come to highly respect the power of conscious reggae and its MessenJahs that sing and share the holy light of truth through lyrical spiritual vibes. Many a nutritious seed has been planted in fertile hearts and minds because of them... to open the eye wider... to see more... reflect more... and look deeper into the root of Rasta experiences.

Here, music has served as a bridge that many whites have walked over. However, once over to the other side of awareness, one begins to see a deeper picture, as the music serves only as a brief introduction to look into the meaning that gives rise to the words. One cannot continue to listen to reggae and not notice the history of black lives affected by the ills of society and the oppressed systems around the globe. How can one consciously vibe, sway, and feel good about that?? This is why one love... will not cut-it!

One eventually will begin to see something beyond the cool skankin riddums, dreadlock appearances, and ganja.

IF one is willing to see... that 'man' is NOT equal... He may have indeed been created equal... but somewhere in history a sharp turn was taken from equality to superiority... and it is this chant that rings loud and clear through much of the message in the music today... therefore... let us indeed look at the ACTIONS of mankind over the course of history and truly see what has contributed to much of the ignorance that continues to flourish this day... and check our OWN actions... as Rasta will reveal the way in Wisdom and Truth!

If you are truly serious about learning more about what Rasta is about...then you have indeed come to the right place where crucial, vital, information pours forth from this deep running river whose generous tides nourish and quench dry thirsty roots. Read, learn, and become better informed through the many views, opinions, books, articles, and perspectives shared and expressed. A more informed person can then speak from a better reference point of knowledge and further the reasonings to higher heights.

Take the time to feed your Self... (action)... there is much food for thought before you might even ask the question.

KNOW YOURSELF... learn your history.

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