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Whites Should Reason on Racism

You said 'Rastas are about love and peace...', and I agree, so what do 'Love' and 'Peace' mean to you? Does Love mean we don't talk about difficult subjects? Does Love mean I don't look at all the goodies my white skin buys me at the expense of most of the brethren and sisters on this earth? Does Love mean I don't care about Justice? Does Love mean telling my black brethren 'Hey I personally didn't do anything to you so why can't you just get over it?' You see how disrespectful this is, denying another person's LIVED daily reality.
Among the congregation of Rastas is JUST where I and I can and must reason dynamically on race. People must KNOW the history before the new can reveal.

No Peace comes unaccompanied by Truth, and to know the truth ones must be willing to look at history and how it plays out in the HERE and NOW. I know you are not suggesting that racism is a thing of the past. This site is a rich source for many strands of crucial history.

You can't just silence a necessary conversation by holding up your hand and saying, 'Peace and Love'. If Peace and Love is what we want, we trod the Path, extremely difficult and yet in Truth effortless (now There's a paradox for you!) that allows for the manifestation of Peace and Love. First in ourselves, and then shared in relation with our brethren.

How big is JAH? That's exactly how big Love is. Most of what we humans call 'love' is about the mistaken idea that we are lacking and incomplete, and that we NEED something to deal with the pain of that. The reasoning on insecurity might be helpful here. Love is not a marketplace, where we get what we think we need from somebody we can trade something we have for it. Love is the flowing dynamic principal of life.

I don't wish to scold you here or discourage you from looking into what our black brethrens are expressing. I hope you will wish to join in the reasonings.

Those who feel uncomfortable coming here perhaps should look a little further and examine that discomfort: white privilege is a many-tentacled beast, and one of them is the assumption that we should be received with open arms wherever we go, unchallenged. Dipping in and out of whatever spiritual tradition suits our fancy. Well those who sight Rasta must develop the integrity to stand in the face of an ugly historical picture without shrinking back. Especially without shrinking back into platitudes of 'peace and unity' and 'One Love', without doing the work in the proper order to manifest One Love, to make New Heaven and New Earth a reality and not some childish fantasy based on feel-goodism.

There is much wisdom and blessing to be had here. It's when we can struggle with these issues with mutual respect and love for Truth that we can manifest the difficult radiance of LOVE!

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