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Alignment Within The Natural Laws

by Princess Tracey
July 08, 2003

I believe it is crucial that whites acknowledge correctly the Source from which they draw their inspiration, wisdom, and knowledge from, in drinking from this well of living water that nourishes and sustains one's dry and parched roots when entering the House of Rastafari, and treading pon the soil and homeland of gracious mama Africa.

As whites living within the white system we have much to learn about the many delusions that we have come to accept as part of the norm....and most certainly take for granted within our unbeknownst state of "white privilege".

Indeed, it is time... overtime... and about time to wake up!!

I sincerely believe that it is critical to lift the veil of illusions and really look at one's real history and all the implications of how it has come to play out, and contribute to the collective existence and state of mind, as we now know and experience today....we in fact, do ourselves a great injustice if we choose to overlook history and try to skip-jump to a place of "one love" .. "one race"."Jah love" etc etc...as it serves only to puff up great balloons of shallow empty rhetoric in light of what the reality is still being experienced by many today. Rightful order must be restored...and this sentiment, though nice, has taken key elements out of there proper order...and it's just not going to happen realistically.

Indeed our Universal Self comes from One Living Source… so in a sense... yes… one can understand the thought, but also, here we are in this spiritual, physical, material form, for a REASON. And we must not discount nor dismiss any aspect nor importance of this...as we have much to learn from all these experiences through our respective cultures, race, gender, history, and human relations integrated within all of this. I believe our Spiritual understandings of who we truly are collectively within this world, is very much connected to the whole realization of these complex dynamics, and are vital aspects within our human divine Spiritual Selves.

There is an order for the "why" of things... and we… in our individual journeys must come to recognize our integral part of this natural order.... and therefore choose how we wish to interpret and act upon the truths that we come to know through our experiences and revelations within the form of who we were created to be.

I believe every situation is an opportunity for growth and spiritual refinement within all experiences of life.

It is from certain Africans that possess much wisdom and integrity that I have come to reason with and actualize higher levels of Self. Such is the transformation process that dawns a new Light through the renewing of the mind, capable of shifting one's attitudes into greater awareness, and birth greater Spiritual Truths. I am eternally grateful)))

Respect, humbleness, character, conduct, and most of all integrity… go a long, long way in bringing forth precious Light and real growth within the realms of personal Spiritual Self development....the starting point...one's Self.

I will not allow anyone to try to dismiss, disrespect, nor discount my validity as a human being based upon the colour of my skin...however, I am very mindful of what this skin represents, and the awful legacy that comes with it simply by virtue of being...yet I also realize that there is a purpose and a meaning FOR being...and that we can CHOOSE how it is we wish to conduct our Selves...particularly in light of all that we know, experience, and come to see...and so, I am extremely mindful that I am in the house of Rastafari...and vibing with African Spiritual Essence... smile.. Respect... it is good...as the scales continue to fall from di eye... I learn and grow and become a more informed human being within the context of my gender, my race, and my culture ...so that I will NOT be a willing knowing contributor to the ill legacy of my preceding ancestors.

If we are to be effective in any way in becoming a viable part of the solution in dismantling the pervasive arrogance and oppressive colonial thought system, as whites... we must look at our history... good, bad, and ugly… in order to understand just who we are, and how it is we have come to where we are today. It's not a pretty picture... but to those courageous enough to look, they WILL see, learn, and grow from all the complexities of our collective History and about who we REALLY are within relation to each other as human beings... and come to serve the greater and highest good of humanity.

Bless us ALL

True Rastafari is alignment within the natural laws and attaining wisdom to the highest level through our Spiritual Selves.

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