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Person/Persona Behind the Screen

by Princess Tracey
July 13, 2003

It has been an interesting observation witnessing the real motivations and conduct of all the various people who wish to come, speak, share their views, personal experiences, and what they know (or think they know) onto these boards… as much is revealed about one's character, integrity, source of knowledge, and real intentions over time.

Ye shall know them by their fruit... speaks volumes here.

Many people think they can hide behind the persona they project onto the screen...but after awhile.... after the rubber meets the road… there it is... or should I say... there YOU are... revealed... no matter what the alias projected onto the screen might be… and for some there are quite a few!

How you present yourself and what you present reveals a lot about your character and integrity... and truthfully... its not so much what you know that carries weight... but how you share it... as this is a key point that determines much about who you are. Anyone can simply regurgitate vast quantities of info… but when one is willing to really step out with their own voice and speak authentically from their own mind and personal experience... then we really begin to get to know and see who it is we are dealing with... although… even that may take awhile to determine... as one is not necessarily the person to whom is projected onto the screen… but rather a persona... a desired entity... an illusion of Self… self-created… and so... much wise discernment is quite necessary, along with a good dose of abiding patience to wait and see ...what, or in this case, "who" reveal themselves over time...

Relaying and relating digested and personally formulated information takes real skill, and are crucial means of forwarding dialogue... one can either further discussions to a higher plain… expanding the reasonings of one's Mind, and each other... or nose dive and crash land the reasonings (and each other) to the ground. Some discussions just simply spin and drift endlessly on great puffs of voluminous hot air… lingering about the nether realms of the universe… going nowhere except round and round the circumference of the globe… aimless in direction from the git.

I am beginning to witness this fascinating "person/persona behind the screen" phenomena… and it is a very interesting class in human psychology to say the least. Human nature and all its complexities reveal themselves through the dynamic and diverse elements that we humans subscribe, align, and bear witness to, as we then share and relate all our under/overstandings to one another... we in fact, hold up the mirror to ourselves and reflect who we are, as well as what we choose to see in each other...(albeit perhaps a bit skewed and distorted from time to time on both sides of the coin)... never-the-less... it bears great witness to where we are at in time, and what we think… for truly we are who we are no matter what we might try to project...and that is the beauty of it...for as the reflection comes back to meet and greet our very eyes, it often reveals yet another dimension of ourselves which can be most revealing for eyes willing to honestly see.

Personas are interesting things here on the Internet… as many altered and split personas come onto the screen to play with the various points of views and give wings to a voice that otherwise might stay hidden within the physically seen world of face-to-face interactions… but here... one can freely express words, opinions, and views... so one is a bit anonymous, as the body is seemingly hidden behind the screen and all we have is their word… hmmm… or do we?

Certainly there is much more ...yes...way more.

Something that stands highly on its own here... is Integrity… Truth... and the power of Reasoning… as ALL stands on there own merit and are seen for what they truly are. Reasoning is like the process of refinement… as it will hold everything you think up to the Light of examination (ie Truth and Integrity)… and then... if you are willing... burn all that is false away... as your points of view will be challenged from other points of view… revealing what sometimes we ourselves are blind in seeing within our very own Selves.

And so the question is... who indeed is willing to expose themselves authentically for who they really are?

Will we see the persona... or the person behind the screen?

We shall see.

by Ayinde

Gladiators, Dragon Slayers, Flame Throwers, Pranksters, Cheats, Gangsters and Mentally ill will all come, and why not? It is here the true state of their mind, character and self will be revealed if strong ones hold fast to the truth. For such is the voice filled with fury, envy and false pride that seeks to project its confused state on us all.

Many suffer in silence, and some whip out personas like loose change from pockets wanting every change to come at their timing, wanting to be seen and recognized.

So the emotional outbursts and the plethora of platitudes are just part of the drama of lost souls seeking communion but fearful it may not be recognized.

They come and they go but the message is the same.

A discerning I can peer through the veils of deceptions or simply confusion and lay it all open to be either healed or be food for others who wish to proceed.

For no matter how hard they try in this and every season, it takes Integrity to reason.

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