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Faith Is NO Substitute For Facts

by Bantu Kelani
September 19, 2003

I know black people are the most religious people in the world who hold onto their faith strongly, but Faith is NO substitute for facts!! The biggest problem plaguing black Africans is that we are still buying into the racist western philosophies calling for the subjugation of our individual free will and initiative to benefit the Conquerors' EVIL bourgeois capitalism.

Through numerous and diverse African History sources, and by reading scientific books, I reached the utmost conviction that many of the stories in the Bible cannot be true. One does not need to be a Bible scholar to notice the overwhelming errors and contradictions! Could we still think it was inspired form JAH-PERFECTION?

The Bible-thumpers who say that the Bible is the infallible literal word of JAH are not questioning History in terms of the Holocaust inflicted on Black people the world over. These ALIEN fables have been imposed on us as a way of controlling us. So as Dr. John Henrik Clarke said, and from the perspective of an oppressed black African, I CAN attack the premise of Sir. John Hawkins bringing Negroid Africans on the "Good Ship Jesus" in 1619 to Amerikkka as Slaves. The first ship that started our ancestors' slavery in Amerikka featured 2 Negroid Africans bound together at the Ship's mantle as it sailed the seas to Amerikkka...

The consequences of fanatic orgy thinking, coupled with the superstitions of modern black Africans, prove to be detrimental to Black people the world over. Our people are being intentionally deceived by the Conquerors through LIES, and every kind of skeptical attitude we show towards their convictions is crushed.

However, it is the duty of conscientious Africans, Rasta and Ras Tafari people to attempt to free our people's minds from the dominating wishes, hopes and primitive doctrines of the Conquerors. The road to paradise for black Africans lies in the world's oldest Moral teaching, the Ancient and mystical teachings of Alkebulan. Black salvation will not come through these human documents with their countless inaccuracies, biases, and lies, created by superstitious and ignorant drinking buddies at the conferences of bishops at Nicea, the council of Constantinople and the others... RESEARCH THE TRUTH!

Black Africans seeking the concept of TRUTH cannot yield to murder cult fallacies as scripture. That does not mean that modern blacks cannot believe in the Purity and Marvelous Geometry that is JAH in Spiritual Nature! Deep thinking black Africans have to be more attuned to taking customs from black Africa that were made by Black Africans!

So, let's bring black people home so they can unite without nonsense. The ultimate path to freedom lies in the the reconnection with the CREATOR, whom we venerate in our own way. IF WE WANT THE POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE IN OUR FAVOR ONCE MORE, THEN WE MUST RETURN TO OUR ORIGINAL WAYS OF VENERATION AS OUR GREAT ANCESTORS DID IT OVER 12,000 YEARS B.C.E..

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