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Black and White Thinking

by Kebo
Dec 30, 2003


This reasoning is in regards to the perception of a government's policies and actions, specifically inspired by the commentary I've read regarding the American government in this forum.

The American government portrays its policies and actions as justified to the American public and the world. Its propaganda supports its ideologies and paints itself in a justified light. There are those who dig through the propaganda to get the real story attempting to uncover the true motivations behind the government's policies and actions, then share their discoveries through commentary. According to most political commentary on the U.S. government that has appeared on this site, the U.S. government is up to some dirty deeds, dirty to the point of being inherently corrupt and criminal.

These reports and insights are not hard to believe. There appears to be much evidence to support the point of view that the current administration and the U.S. government as a whole is corrupt, dirty and criminal. Now I'm asking myself is that point of view too black? Is the U.S. government evil to the core? Just maybe there is some good intelligent reasoning behind moves the government has made and movements it has supported like globalization. Maybe not. Is it all black and white?

The activities of the globe are vast and complex. Is it possible that in some regards the U.S. government as a body is making some decisions that any intelligent body would make, mixed in with poor judgments and ill mindsets.

Only speaking for myself its wisest to maintain an open mind, to see as many angles as possible, and to never get boxed in to black and white thinking. Until a conclusion can be reached with certainty its best to keep an open mind or run the risk of alienating the greater population in reasonings on the subject.

Bantu Kelani
Reply on: Dec 31, 2003

What is your purpose in using color symbolism here Kebo? Are you referring the way black activists give speeches about social imperfections in the US and the black plight? Are you assuming it simply reflects a bias on the part of Black people? How foolish is that. Exhaustive national and international survey will convincingly show you that there are a significant number of white Liberal Americans, Australians, Britain, Canadians, French, Russians and Asians of South Korea who have a great deal to oppose and fear the government of the United States. If Blacks activists are seen as anti-American, then we should wear such a title with honor. Certainly we will not sit idle while your war mongering government uplifts your Caucasian brethren. A lot of white conservatives, and white liberals in the same breath, would rather just forget about the fact that Black folks have been through hell and back in our very inimitable white experience anyway. Black people are in a lot of pain, and you would rather ignore our problems then face them, yet you promote an open mind...

However, if I misunderstood your premise, and if in fact you are using the black and white colors to describe two drastic opinions in the political viewpoint spectrum. Then again I would rather believe in black than white, black as a strict opposition to America evil and imperialistic government. The US government executes and justifies the dehumanization, pillages, wholesale murders and industrial exploitation of Black Africans and people of color the world over. The blatant priorities of the Bush administration are driven strictly by business concerns. The Saudis are business partners of Bush and the Carlyle group. Bush told the FBI NOT to investigate them. They fund terrorists and yet Prince Beldar hangs at Bush's ranch. The Bush's, their business partners, ignores evidence of Saudis funding terrorists. Right after 9/11, with no (and still NONE) proof of a link between Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda, plans were being made to invade Iraq. Actually, they had these plans on paper before Bush was sworn in. Saddam being a scumbag and pursuing WMD's just gives Bush the excuse he needs to get the Oil.

The Bush cartel, or any US administration, cannot be trusted to look out for the best interests of Americans or the planet. In nearly every corner of the globe U.S. cultural, economic, political and military supremacy is loathed and feared. Racism and Imperialism is not a black or white affair, is to be crushed!

Poetic Princess
Reply on: Dce 31, 2003

Firstly why use the terms black and white thinking, are you trying to say only black persons be hard on the US governments cause that surely isn't true many other races and even their very own fear the government as i pointed out and even if you mean that black persons are hard on the US than the rest we have all rights to be for what happened to us, we are the only ones who get pull over for "DRIVING WHILE BLACK", also as soon any federal law enforcer see a group of black men together they are labeled a gang or even any black man by himself he is labeled as a criminal even if he is just walking down the street. It just too bad that a country pledges to stand "one nation", "indivisible", "with liberty", "justice for all" and lives on so much lies and greed.

Reply on: Dec 31, 2003

First the title I gave to this reason had nothing to do with race or skin color. I overlooked that somehow. This reasoning isn't about ignoring problems; the intent is to GET the mindset of the U.S. government. I think you have to understand the whole mindset before you can reason with it and change its patterns.

I don't how I overlooked the Black and White issues when I opened up this reasoning but I can see better how the black point of view is extreme against the U.S. government, seeing that Black and African interests have never had a REAL SAY in the government's policies and actions, but instead have been consistently brutalized and dehumanized. Its an ignorant government, but is it rotten to the core? Can it be reasoned with, if it can be then its important to understand its mindset, which in its own mind isn't totally evil?

Reply on: Dec 31, 2003

This is where history is so so important. I am 47 years old, so I have the advantage in my years of observing. About 25 years ago I began to reach some really horrifying conclusions which have only been strengthened and verified by the unfolding of events.

Yes, we are talking about a system rotten to the core, and not only from a black person's perspective, but from the point of view of anyone who cares for basic human decency. There may be individuals in the United States Government who are not directly guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors, but all are complicit, and by extension, so is the majority of citizens.

But the problem is bigger than the United States, a latecomer to the imperialist capitalist scene. First I went back to Columbus, and could trace the rot from there, but what of his financiers? The first European banking families came up in the 14th century, and it's pretty much been the same story since. The United States is the capitalist cops, the enforcer thugs. The American Revolution was fought largely for American control of the slave trade. Now we have global corporate colonization. The last 500 years have been a nightmare beyond imagining for most of the world.

And we Americans here in 2003 are still shaking our heads in our comfortable and relatively safe surroundings and can still ask, "Well they can't be THAT bad, can they?" They can be, and they are. Kebo, truly I understand where this question comes from. It is hard to believe we have been so brainwashed. It's hard to believe the extent of the corruption and yes the wickedness. When the structure itself is evil and rotten, it is not necessary for all the workers in it to be deliberately wicked. Most are ignorant. You have worked in schools and you know why this is so. But at this point, ignorance is simply not an acceptable excuse. We were born American. This is our lot. We have a tremendous responsibility once we allow ourselves to see the whole truth.

Where to begin in your research? You can start with the links on trinicenter.com and uscrusade.com. Or William Blum and Noam Chomsky and Eduardo Galeano and Howard Zinn are good. What happened with me is I read around here and there, and in time the full picture emerged. Look at Corporation Watch, or Democracy Now, or any indymedia site. The information, well-documented, is there and in a thousand other places. Look for where a lot of ex-Nazis ended up. Look at international weapons and drug traders. European banking, At this point I feel we can get as paranoid as we want and we won't be paranoid enough.

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