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I Majesty Haile I Sellassie I
"It is indeed an immutable law of life
that man's striving can never end,
that to pause in life's struggle
is to slip back along the road to progress."
- Words of the I Majesty Haile I Sellassie I the First

At University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Kingston, Jamaica
16th - 24th July 2003
Provisional Agenda

16th July 2003
9am - 10am - Nyabinghi Chants and Ises

10am - 10:30am - Greetings and Welcome, Aims and Objectives of 'Reasoning' from Ras Irie Irons

10:30am - 11:30am - Opening of Reasoning by Hon. P.J. Patterson Prime Minister

11:30am - 12(noon) - Cultural Presentation from Kingston Drummers

12(noon) - 1pm - Break for Lunch

1pm - 2:30pm - History of RastafarI from Ras Miguel Lorne

2:3 Opm - 3pm - Update on the Organizing Committee;
Introduction of Keynote Speaker Professor
Thomas Battle by Sister Iffya Holmes

3pm - 5pm - Address by Keynote Speaker:
Professor Thomas Battle from Howard University, topic "Rastafari is the fulfillment of the Ancient African Principles and Philosophies".

5pm - 7pm - Cultural Presentation


There will be 20 workshops, 5 workshops will run simultaneously each day in 5 separate rooms. Each workshop will be allotted one day of reasoning.

17th July 2003


(a) Ivinity of Haile Sellassie I

(b) Documentation, Recording and historical protection and preservation of the Rastafari Movement including I-N-I Intellectual Property.

(c) Herbs (Ganja) as a Holy Sacrament

(d) Rastafari and Politics

(e) Marriage, death and sickness within Rastafari

18th July 2003



(b) Health and Nutrition

(c) Rastafari and Education

(d) Youths Creativity and Productivity

(e) The Threats to Africa's Survival

19th July 2003

(i) Rastafari Arts and Craft fair at U.W.I. - 9am -6pm

(ii) Big Stage Show at Norbrook Mountains - 10pm - 3am (Nuff Great Rastafari Artists)

Baby I
Ras Irie Irons
Sister Yanzie
Ras Seymour McLean
Mama Baugh
Ras Bunny Wailer

5pm - 6pm - Reading of the Reasoning Position Paper

6pm - 6:30pm - Maming of worldwide Rastafari Secretariat

6:30pm - 7pm - Chairman of Organizing Committee, Closing Remarks

Seal Up

23rd July 2003

10am - 12(noon) - Press Conference at U.W.I.

4pm until - Nyabinghi at Scotts Pass to celebrate the Earth Light of Haile I Sellassie I

24th July 2003

Visits to Rastafari Historical Sites namely:
Sister Yanzie
Trench Town Cultural Yard
Bobo Hill
Bob Marley Museum
Rev. Henry
Haile Sellassie I School


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