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Haiti's Coup - March 7, 2004

The truth about Haiti's Coup
By Sean Douglas, Newsday TT
The ouster of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide from Haiti was orchestrated by external powers, and Cuba and Venezuela could be next. Full Article

Hiding the Witness at the Scene of the Last Crime?
by Andrew Grice narconews.com
This much is undeniable. After doing absolutely nothing to prevent the coup in Haiti, both France and the United States called on Aristide to resign. Soon after, well armed U.S. personal flew him to....the Central African Republic. Aristide called it a modern kidnapping, part and parcel of the modern coup against the only democratically elected President Haiti has ever had. Why CAR? Why not Trinidad or Jamaica, or Venezuela or any number of nearby countries? If Aristide was as free a man as Colin Powell and a half dozen other senior Bush administration officials insist, why the hell would he have wanted to go to CAR? There's no answer to that question. Full Article

'More could have been done for Aristide'
by Garwin Davis, jamaica-gleaner.com
RANDALL ROBINSON, former president of TransAfrica ­ an African-American lobby group for Africa and the Caribbean ­ and a close family friend of Jean-Bertrand Aristide said yesterday that the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) should assist in providing a home for the deposed Haitian president somewhere in the region. Full Article

Swimming with sharks and other perils
by Claude Robinson, jamaicaobserver.com
THE row between Caribbean leaders and the George W Bush administration over the ditching of Caricom's plan for power sharing in Haiti and the forced exile of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, underscores the perilous paths that small nations have to tread in a world where practical politics trumps principle every time. Full Article

Washington's Tar Baby
by John Maxwell, jamaicaobserver.com
The US State Department, which is seeking to foster the lie that the president and his aides have clean hands, claims that Aristide asked to be taken to safety. Aristide says he was forced to go, by US operatives on the ground in Haiti. Considering the fact that the State Department's point man has a long history of defending Haitian dictator, Jean-Claude Duvalier, while attacking proponents of democracy and economic justice such as Aristide, reasonable people will be disinclined to believe the State Department. Full Article

Kerry: Bush should have backed Aristide

Aristide and US Imperial Intervention
Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide is stranded in the Central African Republic (itself under a rogue regime under AU constitutive act of Union) reportedly on his way to exile in South Africa courtesy of President Thabo Mbeki. Mbeki was the only African leader with the sense of history to judge it important to be in Haiti as guest of Aristide early this year during the Bicentenary celebrations of Haiti's revolution that established the first Independent Black republic led by Slaves. I am not sure how many Africans or Black people in general are aware of the significance of Haiti in the history of Pan Africanist resistance. That says a lot about our miseduucation. Full Post

Poor Haiti...poor Aristide...poor all of us
by Barbara Gloudon, jamaicaobserver.com
If there is anybody left on the face of this planet who has not got the message that when America dumps you, you're truly dumped, then speak up now or forever sink into the silence of naiveté and deepest ignorance. To listen to some of the duplicitous denials about how Aristide suddenly left home, you'd think he got up and decided to go on vacation, opting to flying for 20 hours to one of the least-known, least-respected countries of the world. Maybe he is right. It is only a "kidnapping" which could have got anybody there. Full Article

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