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White Supremacy in Black Movements

by Ayinde
August 16, 2003

I am speaking here about all Black Earth-Based Movements including the Rastafari Movement.

White people or persons with light complexions can never be real leaders in a Black based movement. This is the simple fact. Titles of leadership, eldership and control must always be in the hands of dark-skinned Black people in a Black movement. They are not allowed to help decide for the Black masses whom they should follow, and they should not be spokespersons for Blacks.

A Black movement is about correcting earthly imbalances, which start with all symbols and ultimately who is in control. Its first obligation is the ongoing drive to dismantle White superiority on Earth. So any White/Light-skinned person who is trying to be a leader in a Black Earth-Based movement is being doubly dishonest and twice as oppressive. First they try to conceal from the masses that they are already privileged in the earthly western-based systems whether they want these privileges or not, and secondly, because of that dishonesty which is the hallmark of the ongoing White superiority complex, they then try to demand privileges through vying for positions of leadership and eldership in Black movements.

They come to the movement dishonest as whites/light-skinned folks, and until they change they remain dishonest in the Black movement, and that is being the ultimate oppressive white /light-skinned person, even if they are unaware of it.

I see it and I know it, and any honest person would admit it.

Ignorant whites/Light-skinned people who operate with this double denial in a Black movement can only exist with one conduct, and that is the domineering and distracting attitudes of white male arrogance. (the hallmark of White superiority) They cannot operate any other way as they are always dishonest in the system even if they are unconscious of it. Their constant vying for Black attention demonstrates this daily.

Their constant belittling of Blacks (even ignorant ones) whom they cannot understand is also another characteristic of this. They operate within underground networks of contacts forever seeking to undermine any Black person whom they feel can clearly articulate the way forward and show up their illegitimacy. The first trick is to try to portray to others an impression of their closeness to informed Blacks so they can feed and trade on that illusion. Then they surround themselves with the symbols and rhetoric of Blackness.

A white person or anyone who looks white, who is honest with themselves will not try to become a leader or spokesperson for Blacks, especially in a Black Earth-Based Movement, as they cannot experience what it is to be Black on Earth. They can only learn from Black experiences and develop spiritually.

Their ongoing conscious and unconscious drive for popular recognition within Black movements if allowed unchecked knows no bounds, and as one door closes they will push for another. They want to be seen in the ultimate positions of leadership in all sectors of this physical world. They simply cannot have it in a Black Earth-Based Movement.

When they do not acknowledge this and act on this fact, then they cannot operate any other way than through the conduct of White Male Arrogance (be they males of females), and for this they are the ultimate thieves and deceivers in a Black movement. Any White person/fair-skinned mixed race person who does not first acknowledge this, and leave Blacks to lead in all areas of a Black Earth-Based movement, are the enemies of Black people.

Another role for really enlightened Whites in a Black movement today is to expose these truths and help uproot and expose other Whites or fair skinned people who try to usurp the legitimate authority or bring more division and distractions to Black Earth-Based movements. This is the truth of conduct that continually demonstrates their understanding of right order and spiritual growth. They work towards the restoration of truth and justice on earth.

Justice dictates that respect must always be given in the right order. A Black Earth-Based Movement is to restore on earth legitimate Black Leaders and Elders in all sectors of control and Earth-Based Power.

No white or light-skinned person can ever be a legitimate leader in a Black Earth-Based Movement irrespective of how enlightened they are. A Black Earth-Based Movement's first responsibility is to elevate its original Black symbols and Black people to positions of legitimate leadership in all areas of the earth-based movement, and by extension the world.

Whites can only get blessings through developing in the spiritual aspects of a Black movement, as only in essence all things remain equal. There can be no other way until there is a full restoration of equal opportunity on earth.

This point often heard from ignorant ones about Rastafari being a separate movement that is fair and equal to all, can only exist in realizing its spirituality, but in a material/physical sense this is an illusion. Any Black Movement, including Rastafari, is first about restoring and returning all that was stolen and or corrupted to its legitimate place. This means symbols as well as dark-skinned Black people should be in control of their own movement and destiny, and this should not be dictated to Blacks by any White/ Light-skinned person even if they genuinely embrace Africanness. Pan-Africanism is also a Black Struggle that should only be lead by Black people and not any white person's definition of who are suitable Blacks.


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