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Welcome, Welcome

All be free to enter IanI gates:

In the Name of the Almighty Most High


This page is livicated to the life, wisdom and knowledge of
Jah Lightening
Elder Rasta of the Jamaican Hills

"I live Rasta an have no regret! Rasta a forever! Rasta is I guide. Rasta is I life. Rasta a all tings dat are right!



Give thanks, you hear? Give thanks, give praise."

Jah Lightening

Biography | Reasonings 1
Reasonings 2 | Photo Album

Rasta Speaks Reasonings
"I will live by de Creator. For silver an gold I have none, but by de Name of JAH, I will rise with LOVE! I get de teachment from de Creator in me own heart... and jus LIVE it. Rasta reach home to ZION!"

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