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Wisdom Words
James Reasons
Quoted Reasonings of James "Jah Lightening" Cambell


"De fresh tings is good! Dis mornin you get up, you say, 'alright'...you wan bush tea, you just go an pick de fresh bush, an you boil you fresh tea. Fresh bush, you see, an you feed upon it man. It make you be healty. But you see de meat now? Like goat, cow and all dat? Is not good...meat. No one no to fool round wit meat! Everyone a run from it! Feed veg. Veg. An wen you grow you own veg, it is alright. But wen dem put de fertilizer pon de veg an grow it an you go buy it, you see... it no help you, de chemical fertilizer! Natural a much better! You see where dem make all de things in bottle an can an all dat? Sometime it been dere for a while! Long while! It de dere for a long while an you eat it as feed but it don't help you! No help you at all! You hav to know directly where to feed. Like wen you got fruit here...like all de oranges an even ripe banana, mangoe an all different food in a fruit... fresh an NATURAL!"


"Ah! It is a beauty. Yes. Give thanks! Sometimes you see de cloud form upon de sky... another time again you no see no cloud at all! A de bare sky! Another time again you see a one piece a cloud somewhere, an den look dere... no cloud a dere! Dat a MIGHTYFUL WORK, MIGHTYFUL WORK, MIGHTYFUL WORK a go on!! Beautiful!! De rich man no hav no time to meditate, only to look bout vanity. Him hav no time fe meditation. Just vanity. I a watch a what go on... how de sky may change an how de cloud may look an to know de Glory of de Father an whatsoever He may hav a goin on. But dey jus live an say, "go-on!" an no meditate of Goodness. An de Father a work, you know? WAIT! Doe de Heaven an Earth did fill, de Father is still alive... so HIM still a work! He no jus stand so... if everyting jus lay down, POOF!! Nothin would be so. So de sunball out dere WORK... is alive someting! ALIVE! When I say alive, is de Fathers own eye! Yes man! Sunball a LIVIN LIFE! Moon a LIVIN LIFE! Look dere at de sea... look what a bigness! An it not jus dat dere little piece, you know... all over de whole world it de go!! It be a Gloriful an a Mighty Works an man is to sit down an see how Life go, an what is Life, an to hav some experience an some Livity. An de animal a praise him Father you know. Anytime de bird dem wake up a mornin time an dey see de light a shine...TWEET TWEET TWEET! Dem praise dem Father an give thanks. Dey know to give thanks an glory! MAN! Dere is plenty of tings dere to watch an to know!"


"Even some a me Rastamen dem, you a show dem de fullness, you see, but trew de little road rough...dem stagger! Dem stagger! For, watch me now. Rasta dey cut dem tune now an tell dem, up to dem tune a give dem de Word! For it sweet an some a dem talk say 'Rasta so nice, Rasta reggae music nice!' and dem shakin an dancin. But dem don't know de Great Fullness. Only say de tune a nice, but dem still look fe god back a cloud...say dem fe dead first!! To go back a cloud, fe wha me no know! An dem right in a Heaven... but wanna go to another 'heaven'!! It is easy to sit down an to solve LIFE an to see LIFE, you see? LIFE is REAL! Life is real an de Word is written an de Word is Truth. But some, dey turn it away... have it turn de wrong way. An dey don't look de right way. For right here now, dats why you see dem lead wrong. Dem a gaze pon vanity. But any time you see any one dat come an Love JAH an keep HIM commandment...when him look pon de Rastaman, a JAH him a look pon! But watch me... enough follow by Jah name, you know, but dem no know, dem only wear de little cover but dem don't have de Great FULLNESS!"


"The herb...father tell me is for de healing of de Nation. So I plant it an I grow it. A herb... natural, a bush. Yes man, bush a natural! 'Wisdom Weed' a de name, you know. Dem call it ganja...but a no 'gang-jah'...is 'Wisdom Weed'! So it is a Wisdom dat you get! Dat was ordained dat whosoever use it...you get Wisdom! For when him draw de Herb or him smoke it, you meditate pon righteousness... get righteousness! Whether you want a little smoke or you get as a little drink...as a tea, you see. An when you hav it an you partake of a little you see de right works dat de Father is showing you. So it... it even open de eyes of de World! So de government don't wan dat! A de Truth dem fight against. De Wisdom. So dat is why de government fight against it!"


"Me no de raise any animal an me not perish any animal! You see... you can't tie animal by de rope! Me seen dem tie animal, lick dem down an hang him! Oh no, me no perish dem... me know better den dat, you see. Animal never made to tie in a chain or rope. No love burden! Wen you burden animal it come in sed as wen a man in prison. Dem say, 'Iya, how you talk to de animal?' Me say, 'Dey hav ears! Hav ears!' So you see, you talk to de animal an he will stand up an look upon you... an he will tek in it. Him a know what you talkin bout. And dem wise! Dem be wizzie! Him know what to feed, him know what not to. De bird know what him berry to feed, him know what not to. A just de earth an de Life within know dat... KNOW dat! JAH show dem! JAH show everyting what to be!"


" Even wen dey all show you say Bob is a dead one... Bob's Word LIVING!! Yes! Bob's Word is a Living Word, you see? For I establish unto de World... mek me people know! For de Nation going to hav to know who Rasta be, you see? For most of de people, even doe dey are not Rasta, dey appreciate Bob. An dey Love Bob. For Bob establish de Word. Bob establish de Word to de four wings. An de tune... de reggae tune dat Bob tune... de whole world REJOICE! For him tune, every tune of Righteousness. He words really acceptable. For who dey say dead shall live again, for de Word Liveth! Word can't dead. An de Word establish de Nation ALL over an over. For de wind shall blow an de Word shall EXPAND by Righteousness cause! So de Word of Righteousness BLOWS all trew an trew de wind! So Bob name can't stop call. Ever call!"


"Rasta a reach home. Rasta reach home to Zion! Rasta hav callin now, for all we Lovin Ones to give Praise an Honour for Righteousness. I get de teachment from de Creator in me own Heart an live it. Rome a lead de nation wrong to destruction an tell dem all bout death an all dem must dead! I Father don't speak of no dead! Let de dead bury de dead. Dust to dust an ashes to ashes. No dead no rise! A LIE dem a tell! So de time has come where RASTA call to de world an call to ALL people... STAND FIRM! Dem knock you, dem piss pon you, dem kick you, dem tell lie pon you, dem send you a prison! You have to go trew it, you hear? An de more you go trew those tribulation...RASTA a give more STRENGTH unto you! De Father tell I say I must establish de Kingdom to de four wings of de Earth for Righteousness exalt de Nation. An de giver of Life a Everlastin Livin! So I like to hav it an get it... dat dere promise from my Father. An dat is why I LIVE IT UP!! OH! Give THANKS for LIFE man! In de name of RASTA be TRUTH."


"Any one dat come an called by I name... RASTAFARI... it wouldn't be wise to cast him out, for is LOVE! Is LOVE! An no other Livity but LOVE. You see. An dat be why de Word say Love a all Laws an Prophet, you see. So everyting a man go do by Righteousness, it MUST be LOVING, for you could't carry evil. See. Brother an Sister LOVE one another all over de world. LOVE is de Word!! LOVE tek unto himself... Love heal all tings. For if you no have LOVE, nothin no left. Not a ting do you have! For from you have LOVE, you knoweth all tings. JAH tell dem OVER an OVER, say LOVE a bring all de Earth, a LOVE it tek to do all tings. Without it dere is NOTHIN! To de four ends of de Earth... LOVE a de WORD!"

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