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Wisdom Words
James Reasons
Quoted Reasonings of James "Jah Lightening" Cambell


"It is a beauty, you know, for one to sit down an meditate of righteousness. To keep you heart steady. You sit down an meditate of goodness an righteousness an what de Father did promise you to enjoy. De meek shall enjoy de earth! An der is NO death! Der is no worry. You na hav to face no temptation. No grief. no pain. So at dat time, you become 'newborn'. You jus fresh all de while now! Yes, yes. It is a positive. But, watch me... de Creator dat create de heaven an de earth, Him sey dat before Him a speak ONE WORD in vain... He da pass all heaven an earth! An heaven an earth nah pass!! But only a seal it. Seal de word! So everything mus come to fullness, you see. So, a POSITIVE. Positive, yes. I GLAD to see Rasta!!"

The Earth

"The Father dwell pon de Earth an He know everything wha de go on! So... if dey believe say, Him 'back a cloud'... how him see wha de go on? De Almighty see everything! For Him mek everything for Him own purpose. An everything you see wit LIFE... it come trew de earth! You see de earth here (pats the ground he sits on)... a Mother an Father, you know. Alpha an Omega! You got no where else to go! If a foreign you de over der, wha feed you get come trew sed earth, you hear? An de sed clothes dey put on a go a church... a sed earth dem come fom. An de sed little tea dem a drink... sed earth it come from. An de sed money dem carry go give de parson... a earth it come from! No? Yes! For de earth will hav nough tings to hav life! A de Father covenant you know. He is all de Fullness, an Him take on Alpha an Omega. So de earth is de Rightfull Ruler!"


"Ah Babylon. Babylon. Dem a build babylon an say dem got de only king. But he is not! For Jah de CLEAN OUT all evil tings!! De evil one de gonna go to death, an part away! Jah going to fullfill an step over now... an RASTA LIVE! An babylon get weak, an couldn't be strong again. So he haffa GO... an go witout a fuss. A war dem a tease up... nation gainst nation. Nah me an you a fight him...NO! But JAH will show Him works! An mek dem see how MIGHTY Him be!! Days are numbered. Dem know not de Almighty's powers. It can be today... it can be tomorrow. No a one day clean up. When de cup full an it run over... well... Jah jus chart dem out! For a POWERS! Yes! De earth a purify. Zion abideth forever an earth nah goin to move. So all dem fight, dem fight in vain!"

Organized Religion

"From de time me a yout, you know, me always in a me own heart. Yes man! Me go to 'presbyterian' church in a me young days, an after me lef presbyterian me to to 'church a god'. You no see it? For dem a tell me say, well... you should go to church. An I did love to go der an learn bout god. But when I go der I tell dem say, 'I no see de man'! For de only one I see a de minister wer der dat preach! So me ask him if him a 'god'. 'No!' So after wen me learn an me look, me go again an me come an tell him say, 'me no see god'... cause tru dey say god de der! An me wan to know him! An wen me go... me no see him. Dey say you only fe serv him in a spirit an in truth... but you can't see him! A him a heaven dy say. An wer heaven supposed to be? Dem say, 'up a cloud'. 'Up a sky'! So... god up a sky... an you go serve him... an him no seen!! Me go look in me self an me say, 'dat a rubbish!' You wan to serve someone an you no see him? So you wouldn't know him! CHO! So me lef der. Lef it, you hear!? Dey say, 'If you see god... you can't see god an live'! So me say, 'dat a rubbish!' For dey say you fe dead first. Aye!? Wen you see god now a wen you dead!? Dat a rubbish! For afer a man dead you don't know nothin again, you know. So dat god a DEAD GOD! So... wen me hear bout dis man now, say... a dem say, 'RASTAFARI!'... Rasta-for-I! me jus tek it an me jus LIVE it! I know dat Rasta is de Truth Way, an der is no other way but RASTA!!"

All One People

"We all a ONE! All one people. One love an one Unity carry de WHOLE earth. So you can't carry two... you can't give hate an love. Dat wouldn't be wise. De right Rastaman, dat know de right works an live de right way... he know de sed Creator create everyone! For no woman aroun dat mek him own self, an no man no der dat mek himself. No! All come trew CREATION! For de Father know ALL tings. So... you couldn't say... well, if you be white, you mek youself? A so it go? No! A Him a create ALL! So, fe you no mek youself, an in you is a good heart, clean hands an a pure heart... dem too a called! So, you could be Black... you could be white... you could be Red. De one dat LOVE, de Father a love him! For you see, we ALL a ONE! Give thanks."

The Whole World

" De whole world a Jah CREATION! So den, Jah does not favour any one part a de earth... because He created the WHOLE earth. For it be written, 'De earth a de Law an de fullness der of'... ab ALL dat dwell in it... an ZION abideth'! So, ANY wer on de earth will do. Anywhere! A no be Africa alone. If it be Africa alone Jah created, den every one a be pack up over der. No man... no favorite. Look here now... if only Africa all I an I was to go... why Him mek Jamaica?... or England?... or America? A de WHOLE earth a fe RASTA!! An Jah mek man in Him own image... an man come in all different skin colour, an different hair colour, an different eye colour... no? Yes man!! So ALL a dem a de image a de Creator. A so it go. Brother an Sister. Give thanks. A de four wings a de earth (pointing in each direction)... anywhere on de earth will do! Anywhere you a livity... anywhere you live by righteousness, a dat be Heaven! Yes man! De Rastaman... I appreciate him dat a praise Africa. I appreciate it! But, I no get dat der fullness from Jah dat say everyone gonna bail out an jus go over a Africa. I say, anyWHERE on de earth will do... for de earth is I Law an de Fullness der of! All a de sed earth, so anywhere you wan... a to LIVE! For you hav Life to Live! A de Father, a Him a de earth you know. So I will Live it! An if who wan to go... I wouldn't say dem not to... but who wan to stay... Babylon cannah stop you again! NO!! Enemy cannah overtrow!!"


"De locks carry powers. Hav powers, you see? Dat is why if you go out der now an say, 'LIGHTENING!'... you can look fe it any time! For de Word gone out! So, by might an power. Dat is why I even show you de Father der... fe HIM you de serve! You hav to keep de commandment. Yes. Yes, yes. De one dat hav... we call him 'baldhead'... him will go out der an CRY! But fe him... powers couldn't answer. But de one dat truely live in de Father... de Fthaer tell you, a HIM in you, an do de works, you know? You nah see it? Any time you see anyone dat love Jah, an keep Him commandment (holding his locks)... wen him look pon de Rastaman, a JAH him a look pon! So you no trouble you halo. Mek it stay! Even if it catch you down to here (pointing to the ground)... a you BEAUTY! Mek it stay! Even if it catch you down to you foot an you walk pon it... it a you covenant. You Father give it unto you. It is de commandment of de Most High! Dat is why Rasta dread! So de one you see Rasta... a dread. Truely, truely... Rasta a dread, fe it a de commandment. He keep his Fathers commandment, 'Fe if you love I... keep I statute an I commandment'. But watch me... enough follow by Jah name you know... but dem no know. Dem only wear de little coverin upon de head, but dey don't hav de fullness of wha dey hav on! It is VALUABLE! You no paste it on, seen? No grow it grow? YES!! So you nah even tek off one or two! Right. So it come... mek it stay! A natural. NATURAL! Come natural!"

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