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Thinking about Repatriation

Taken from a reasoning on Rastafari Speaks Message Board
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By: Ayinde
Date: Monday, 5 July 2004
In Response To: Should Rastas be thinking of repatriation NOW! (empress afrique)

Thinking about repatriation is a good thing, especially if it is first mental repatriation, or else what we will have is a whole set of people (Blacks, Whites and others) moving to Africa with their colonized mindset to become just another version of White missionaries who unconsciously promote Eurocentric interests ahead the interest of Black Africans.

This is already clear by examining some of the views given on this board by some who are already associated with Shashamane. I mean one White person who is involved with them is firm in his feelings that Whites are to be part of this physical repatriation movement to Africa (Back to Africa or Repatriation). The exercise has already been corrupted. People can settle anywhere they want, but for Whites to claim entitlements under a movement that was designed for Blacks and their descendents who were forcefully removed from Africa is a farce. But there are many Blacks who unwittingly support this.

Add this to the fact that some of these same ones apparently support the notion that race mixing is a great tool to break down racism, and we can see the mindset of some of those involved over there. Apparently Marijuana has not done much to increase their awareness, and to bring them to an understanding of the primary importance of securing Black Africans' interest.

There is no shortage of people who want to feel themselves as the 'chosen ones' ahead of the general wellbeing of others, and as such repatriation by them is unwittingly being used as another anti-Black move.

So as a collective, people need to get their head straight, and to stop confusing their notion of spirituality with what is supposed to be taking place on the ground.

We have people claiming to be involved in Repatriation and they are divorced from the real social conditions in Africa, so it is not strange that the local governments see them as aliens who are not coming to help build their countries.

It is not as if Africa should have an open door policy for everyone who wish to migrate there. Many are just ill-equipped both mentally and economically to be able to assist the development in Africa along the lines of what the people there most want for themselves. There are very old cultures that exist there that should be respected, and not trampled upon by more colonial attitudes.

So while I think that many Black Africans should at least try to visit Africa to get some on the ground idea of what life is like, I think they need to learn more about their selves throughout history to get their priorities straight. Too many Blacks are just too eager to claim unity with misinformed Whites because of the social status and possibly financial contributions they feel their groups will get. And some jealously guard these White relationships even when what they stand for is not in the best interest of Black Africans as a whole.

There is too much ignorance all around.

While I support decriminalizing Marijuana and other illegal drugs, I do not support promoting it as a means of enlightenment. I cool with people doing as they feel with it, once they respect the rights of others to do otherwise. Maybe I donít care that much for these stimulants because I have been able to sustain a high without them, and I know others who do the same.

Part of the problem I feel with some Rastas, is the tendency to divorce from the wider African community, and feel they are a different set of people. I know some whites who try to promote Rastas as a new race or breed of people, and that could only be as a result of they ignorantly trying to fit in. Unfortunately some Blacks think like that also. So they should not be against others who treat them like aliens.

Re: Africa Is I and I Ancestors land?

Posted By: Ayinde
Date: Saturday, 10 July 2004
In Response To: Africa Is I and I Ancestors land? (Ninja Ras)

Contrary to many on this board, and based on some of the comments I have seen, the Shashamane project is presently a misguided exercise.

For one thing, Haile Selassie was not the spokesperson for all Africans, and with all due respect to him as one of our ancestors, he never spoke adequately for me on many matters. I am of the view that he did not understand the depths of racism and White privileges.

Though Marcus Garvey was not perfect in his understanding of many things either, he was far more in touch with the nuances of the racist system, and as such resonates well with me - far more so than Haile Selassie.

As was explained earlier on this board, Whites are 'Repatriating' to Shashamane, and added to that, there is a fund raising exercise that is supposed to also take care of them. I am quite convinced that this was not well thought out. In no way should Whites be materially benefiting from Repatriation to Africa.

They can pay to go like any tourist or even spend time among the natives as many do. They can migrate if they so choose (although I am not giving a blanket support to this). But to be claiming physical Repatriation to Africa is very misguided. Added to which Blacks are supposed to donate funds to somehow make life easier there for these Whites. That is totally unacceptable in my view. Payments should be flowing from Whites to blacks when we are dealing with correcting these historical injustices, notwithstanding that some African communities might also have some paying to do.

Those who accept the notion of Whites physically repatriating to Africa have not carefully thought it out. And while that policy is in place on that Shashamane land, in no way would I support it. It is an anti-Black move in my view. It matters not how well intended these Whites are. They are to pay reparations, and Blacks are to make moves with the proceeds.

Repatriation to Africa is for Black Africans and their descendents who were forcefully removed from the continent. Seeing that they were forcefully removed from all over Africa, they can return to any part of Africa including Shashamane if they so choose.

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