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Rastafari and its African context

Taken from a reasoning on Rastafari Speaks Message Board
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By Ras Tyehimba
April 22, 2004

Posted By: Ras Tyehimba
Date: Thursday, 22 April 2004, at 9:21 a.m.
In Response To: Answer this... (ras adam simeon)

Ras Adam said: "because in my opinion only racial bigots have a problem with rastas of other colors and where they want to repatriate to.But i will restate for the umteenth time there is such a tiny # there i dont think its an issue, but if they want to go even en masse Jah bless them as long as they are productive and not loafting "

Anytime Africans raise certain critical issues, they are accused of being racist. So your reply is not surprising as there are many that don't have the courage to deal with their own complicity in the global system of white supremacy. Hiding behind Rasta and notions of white repatriation while condemning those who expose the reality as being anti-Rasta is a cheap escape. One of many that those who can't deal with the issues utilize to malign the intentions

Ras Adam said: "It's not MY invention that rastas focus on Ethiopia and Shasha"

Once again Ethiopia represents the whole of Africa and thus your parochial projection of Rastafari stems from your inability to understand Rastafari as an African movement. Your conditioned white privilege doesn't allow u to accept that Rastafari is dedicated towards destroying racism, sexism and the remnants of colonialism (white supremacy). No one ever stated in the thread about who can't be Rasta, so I do not know where you got this. Somehow I suspect that this originates from your inability to comprehend that there is no such thing as white repatriation.

It is quite common for whites to tone and negate any Black expression and this has been going on for centuries, but as people are now able to access mediums of communication, bit by bit, the illusions and institutions of white dominance are being exposed. As they get exposed, many side issues will be brought up to try and sidetrack from the real issues.

Rastafari cannot be separated from its African context and its focus will always be Ethiopia (Africa) and the continued assault of Africans and African expression. It is quite understandable given the state of society, how whites would underestimate their perpetuation of white supremacy and privilege.

Posted By: Ayinde
Date: Thursday, 22 April 2004, at 5:23 p.m.
In Response To: Answer this... (ras adam simeon)

Ras Tyehimba asked: "No one ever stated in the thread about who can't be rasta, so i do not know where u got this from."

Ras Adam replied: "Not in this thread overtly but implied and is is I believe the title of a thread somewhere on here saying whites can't be rasta. At least this bredrin comes out and states his racial bias in the open"

Well you Adam deliberately planted that distortion to imply much about the character of Africans on this thread. What is stated clearly on this thread is that Whites should NEVER be part of any Earthy African Repatriation movement. Whites, not even one, should ever benefit from funds or land set down for a Back to Africa Earth Based movement. To do this is to misuse the intention of such a movement, especially at a time when most Black Africans still suffer the effects of White Privileges and White (mostly male) Arrogance.

This African (Ayinde) deliberately keeps away from threads you start because of your narrow definition of Rasta that in my view is not in the best interest of all Africans, including Rastas. You cannot have privileges both ways. You are White in a White controlled system, and Black Africans have a definite right to challenge any controlling interest of Whites. That includes you and what I believe is your ongoing efforts to tarnish the characters of informed Africans on this site.

It is quite understandable that Black Africans embraced Rasta following the 30s with a Christian concept that was forced on them, and Blacks have traditionally used other concepts forced on them, and interpreted them in a way to give them some sustenance.

But your waving of the bible missionary style on this issue is something else. You are now doing it in an attempt to solicit support for what is a narrow-minded view of African concerns and of Rastas in general.

Trying to uphold a narrow definition of Rasta in the face of such widespread access to information is about your control indeed as another writer rightly pointed out. A wider truthful definition of Rasta takes into consideration our greater African history and incorporates more Africans, and this does not allow one narrow-minded set to take control. This to I is in all of our best interest.

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